Eezygram Review – The Secret Way To Build Your Brand On Instagram

EezyGram Overview

Product Name: EezyGram

Price: 17

Currency: $

Availability: OnlineOnly

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- Edit and post on computer
- Easy to use
- 10 special features
- 30 days refund
It's still not a breakthrough

Eezygram Review – Create Watermark On Image In Few Clicks


Do you try to make tons of dollars on Instagram?

With more than 600 millions active members around the world and over 100 millions members are using it for making money, so it’s not only about cat photo and selfies. Many businesses are using Instagram as their main store front to sell clothes, make-up tools, or food supplement,… Social media is place where marketers can take the greatest number of profits. But why Instagram?

In fact, Instagram is the most popular way to make profits with engagement levels are 52 times greater than on Facebook & 127 time higher than on Twitter. That’s why you can’t ignore the profits from this platform.

Unfortunately, there was a huge problem that there is no way at all to manage your Instagram account account from your computer. You can only use it on smartphone and it is really sucked to find high quality images or create watermark to tell your story and build your brand!! So, in this Eezygram Review, I will introduce you an app called Eezygram to solve all your problem. Read my review carefully to get more knowledge for this product.

I. Eezygram Overview

  1. Sale Page:
  2. Product Name: Eezygram
  3. Product Type: Software
  4. Vendor: Agus Sakti & Robait Usman
  5. Front End Price: $17
  6. Bonus: 2 Bonus Packages From My Site
  7. Skill Level Required: No Need Any Skill
  8. Launch Date: July, 30th 2017
  9. Launch Time: 11:00 EST

II. What Is Eezygram?

Eezygram Review

Eezygram is a software for Window and Mac osx, you can find high quality images, create your watermark and post it directly from your computer. You can build your brand awareness and increase your profits, and you can do everything easily.

III. Special Bonuses Of Eezygram

One of the most thing in Eezygram that you can do everything easily in this software without read or watch the tutorial:

#1: Import Your Images From Your Computer

You can import your files easily from your computer and start to create your watermark

Import Your Images From Your Computer

#2: Find HD Images From Online Library 

Find high quality HD images from online image library. You can also use 11.000 vectors because Eezygram integrated with Open CliptArt

Find HD Images From Online Library 

#3: Scheduled Post Or Post Directly

You will never have to worry about posting on your phone again. Now, you can post directly on your computer or schedule time to post automatically

Scheduled Post Or Post Directly

#4: Schedule Posts for 6 Days To Come Instantly

Not only schedule post, Eezygram also schedule your post for 6 days later. No more to reminder yourself when you are going to the party

Schedule Posts for 6 Days To Come Instantly

#5: Multiple Accounts Supported

You can easily manage all your accounts. If you have a team, this features is really helpful for your work

Multiple Accounts Supported

#6: Smartphone Post Features 

Eezygram can show emotion icon like on your smartphone. You also have features called Max Character Input Caption to know when your caption pass over the limit

Smartphone Post Features 

#7: Easy To Use Image Editor

Edit your image has never been easier, you’ll find layer, zoom-in & zoom-out canvas, select outsite canvas to diselect object, align top-midle-bottom, dan undo-redo action, shadow & glow effect, and object opacity

Easy To Use Image Editor

#8: 75 Template, 150 Colorable Shapes, 700 Google Fonts

#9: Full Training

You will get full training from A-Z to get start with Eezygram

Watch The Demo Video Below: 

IV. How Does Eezygram Work?

Just 1-2-3 step, all done:

Step 1: Open it on your computer

Step 2: Start creating your own watermark

Step 3: Schedule post or post your images in one button, boom!

V. Why Should You Buy It?

In my Eezygram Review, we have a look closer in Eezygram, but is it really worth for you?

There are few reasons I really love it:

  • Use high quality images
  • Tell a story to deliver your message to your followers
  • Engage with your followers
  • Build your personal brand

Frequently Asked Question About Eezygram

  • Do you provide the tutorial?

Of course! You will find full training will show you A-Z exactly what to do with this product

  • Following platforms are supported by Eezygram

MacOs: The minimum macOS version supported is MacOS Yosemite 10.10.

Windows: The minimum operating system is window 7, older version will not working. You can use it for both 32bit and 64bit

  • How do i contact to you?

You can easily contact to support team in this link:

  • How can I access my purchase?

You will pay through Paypal Secure Payment after that they will send you the login detailed and you can access to Eezygram

  • Do you have refund policy?

If you do not like this product, you can contact to support team and take your money back. This software includes 30 days money back guarantee policy

  • Why they sell this product for low price?

This special price will not last forever, this price will be increased by every single sale

VI. Eezygram Review – Conclusion

Eezygram is going live on 30th, July 2017 with 2 version sliver and gold $17 and $29. If you find helpful in my Eezygram Review, and love this product so don’t hesitate to buy it. This price will go up every single day.

Love you guy, see you again in next review.

You also get exclusive bonuses from Eezygram Creators

Bonus #1: Instagram Benefits For Business

Instagram Benefits For Business

Bonus #2: Start And Grow Your Business

Start And Grow Your Business

Bonus #3: Instragram For Entrepreneurs

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Bonus #4: Targeting Instagram

Targeting Instagram

Bonus #5: Social Media Domination

Social Media Domination

Bonus #6: Workout & Social Images

Workout & Social Images

Bonus #7: The Power Of Branding

The Power Of Branding

Bonus #8: Food And Drinks Stock Images

Food And Drinks Stock Images

Bonus #9: Nature Stock Photos

Nature Stock Photos

Bonus #10: Outdoors Stock Images

Outdoors Stock Images

You Also Will Get 2 Bonus Packages From My Site 




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