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Lifetime Stock Video Overview

Product Name: Lifetime Stock Video

Price: 24.95

Currency: $

Availability: LimitedAvailability

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    Features - 9/10
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- Feature Product
- High Quality HD & 4K Video
- Responsible Price
- Beginner Can Use
- Use For Any Software
- Too Many Video In Library Hard To Choose

Lifetime Stock Video Review – Stop Paying For 4K & HD Video


Do you still pay $50-$199 per stock video?

Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to increase your sales on the Internet. It’s brand, beautiful, super attractive to the customers, but also a big deal to make a high-quality video. You have to pay up to $199 for per video and even more, but not anymore. Lucky for you, In this Lifetime Stock Video Review, I will introduce you a software called Life Stock Video and ready to blow your mind.

Do you know 40% of customers shared product by videos and purchase to that product?

Social media videos generate 1200% shares than text and images combined. Videos can drive over 157% increase in traffics from search engines than using no video. There are thousands of reasons you must use video in the marketing, and we can’t ignore the fact we are living in the age of video.

No more saying, I’m here to help you get more knowledge about Lifetime Stock Video. Sit back and enjoy my review!

I. Lifetime Stock Video Overview

  1. Sale Page:
  2. Product Name: Lifetime Stock Video
  3. Product Type: Software
  4. Vendor: Richard Madison
  5. Office Price: $34/month
  6. Offer Price: $24.95/month
  7. Bonus: 2 Bonus Packages From My Site
  8. Target Niche: HD & 4K Video Background And Footage
  9. Launch Date: August, 10th 2017
  10. Launch Time: 11:00 EDT

II. What Is Lifetime Stock Video?

Lifetime Stock Video Review

Before analyzing features of this product, I will tell you what exactly what is this product.

Lifetime Stock Video is a lasted pack of stock videos by Richard Madison. With this product, you don’t have to pay $10-$199 for a royalty video. Now, you can access once and get unlimited over HD & 4K royalty videos and he also adds 4K videos to the library every month.

III. Special Features Of Lifetime Stock Video

Feature #1: YouTube Rewards Quality analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to understand better how YouTube’s search engine works.

68.2% videos on first page Youtube are HD quality or more, so quality videos dominate the search engine of Youtube.  It’s estimated that only 25% of videos on YouTube are available in HD or better.

Lifetime Stock Video Review

Feature #2: 4K Before Your Competition

According to the YouTube Engineering and Developers Blog 2016 post “A look into YouTube’s video file anatomy,” only 26% of videos being uploaded are in HD and under 1% of videos being uploaded are in 4K ( actually only 0.32%)

The opportunity to leapfrog your competition on YouTube is ripe and the tools you need to achieve this are in your grasp for a crazy-low one-time investment.

Lifetime Stock Video Review

Feature #3: Viewers are looking for 4K

Google Trends shows that 4K videos have increased over 250% in the last 18 months. Combined with the extremely low quantity of 4K videos being uploaded, you can quickly realize that the time to take advantage of this is now. Lifetime Stock Video makes it possible for less.

Lifetime Stock Video Review

Feature #4: Full Membership Site

Your Lifetime Stock Video purchase includes lifetime access to our Stock Video site.  Unlike other low-cost graphics/videos/audio specials, this isn’t a “fire sale” or “collection” – they don’t give you a 100 GB dump of unsearchable assets with crazy names like –  Your purchase won’t gather dust on your hard drive.

They provide you with 24×7 unlimited access to our site where you can preview every video and browse or keyword/tag search for videos you want to use.

Lifetime Stock Video Review

IV. Why Should You Get It?

Richard Madison knows that some software and tools can not handle 4K quality videos and HD videos, so he provides you HD video in 4 sizes from 1920×1080 down to 426×240.

Inside of Lifetime Stock Video, you will get:

  • 4K Video Footage Sneak Peek And Hundreds More 4K Video Footage
  • 4K Video Backgrounds Sneak Peek And Hundreds More 4K Video Backgrounds
  • HD Video Backgrounds Sneak Peek And Hundreds More HD Video Backgrounds

Even more, you can use Lifetime Stock Video in any type of software that enables you to upload videos:

  • Affiliate Review Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • JV Partner Videos
  • Special Offer Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Video Intros
  • Video Outros
  • Lead Generation Videos
  • Call To Action Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Promotional Intros
  • Corporate Brand Videos
  • Lead Generation Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • And Much More Types of Videos…

V. Frequently Asked About Lifetime Stock Video

Can I Sell These Video?

No, you can not sell these videos directly. You can use videos in your own work or include videos into a bigger project for clients. A couple of examples include a video carousel on a web page or a sales video for a client. Another example would be if you created video intros or outros using their backgrounds – you would be able to sell those. If you’re not sure of your designer/developer rights, just ask their support team and they will be sure to let you know.

Will these video work with any software?

Yes, Lifetime Stock Video works with any kind of software that allows you to upload/load video. They have spent a lot of time for resizing 4K video into 6 sizes from 3840×2160 down to 426×240, so you don’t have to worry about your software.

VI. Lifetime Stock Video Review – Conclusion

Lifetime Stock Video is going to live on August, 10th 2017 with the offer price $24.95/month and go up to $34/month for a limited time. If you still hesitate to buy this product, don’t worry! This product includes 30 days money back guarantee policy that worth for every body should try 1 month free, don’t like it then simply take money back.

If you love this product, click the link below and get it immediately and even more you also get bonus packages from my site. This is the end of my Lifetime Stock Video Review, hope you find helpful information and make the best decision for it. Thank you for visiting my site!

Exclusive Bonuses From Lifetime Stock Video Creator

Bonus #1: 100 Extra HD Video Backgrounds ($4,900 value)

For A Limited Time, We’re Including An Additional 100 HD Video Backgrounds
The cost to buy 100 HD video backgrounds at Shutterstock, Pond5 or iStock would be between $4,900 and $14,900.

We’re including this bonus 100 HD video background bundle to our early bird purchasers at no additional cost.

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus

Bonus #2: YouTube Marketing Made Easy ($197 value)

Complete Training Series to Marketing Success on YouTube
Section 1: Youtube Marketing Basics:
[1] What Is YouTube All About?
[2] What YouTube Can Do For Your Business?
[3] Shocking YouTube Marketing Facts To Consider.

Section 2: Marketing On Youtube – Step By Step:
[4] Creating A YouTube Account.
[5] YouTube Walk Through.
[6] YouTube Channels.
[7] YouTube Creator Studio Walk Through.
[8] Start Advertising On YouTube.
[9 Video Marketing Tips To Consider.

Section 3: Advanced YouTube Marketing Strategies:
[10] YouTube Partner Program.
[11] Live Streaming With YouTube.
[12] Smart Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube.
[13] How To Make Money On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing.
[14] How To Get YouTube Videos Ranked.
[15] Using The YouTube Trending Feed For Market Research.
[16] YouTube For Developers.

Section 4: Additional Tips To Consider:
[17] Do’s And Don’ts.
[18] Premium Tools And Services To Consider.
[19] Shocking Case Studies.
[20] Frequently Asked Questions.

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus

Bonus #3: YouTube Ads Made Easy ($197 value)

Boost Your Traffic Generation Efforts & Get the Most Out of YouTube Advertising for Your Business
Section 1: Introduction
[1] What Is YouTube Advertising?
[2] Why You Should Use YouTube Ads For Your Business.

Section 2: YouTube And Your Business
[3] Knowing Your Business
[4] Setting Up YouTube For Your Business.
[5] Linking Your YouTube Channel To Your AdWords Account.
[6] Creating Your Video For Advertising With YouTube.

Section 3: Creation Time
[7] Creating Your Campaign.
[8] Creating The Ad Group And Ad.
[9] Managing Your Video Ad Campaign.

Section 4: Advanced Techniques
[10] Campaigns, Ad Groups And Content Exclusions.
[11] Call-To-Action Overlays.
[12] Remarketing.
[13] Additional YouTube Ads Tricks.

Section 5: Additional Tips
[14] 10 Do’s To Consider For YouTube Advertising Success.
[15] 10 Don’ts To Avoid For YouTube Advertising Success.
[16] Premium YouTube Advertising Tools And Services.
[17] Shocking YouTube Advertising Case Studies.

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus

Bonus #4: Social Media Income ($297 value)

This 36 Video Training Shows How to Profit From The Most Popular Social Media Platforms
YouTube “How To” Topics:
[1] Start A YouTube Channel For Your Business
[2] Reach Your Target Audience – Optimizing YouTube SEO
[3] Make Viral Video For Ultimate Business Branding
[4] Use Featured Videos To Increase Views And Subscribers
[5] Use YouTube Live To Convert Prospects Into Clients
[6] Use YouTube Ads For High Conversions

30 More “How To” Topics On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn And Pinterest Including:
Utilize Facebook Live As A Sales Funnel
Generate More Leads After Your Facebook Live Broadcast
Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Online Business
Optimize Facebook Ads Using Facebook Insights
Reach Thousands Of Followers With Facebook Fan Page
Turn Your Facebook Profile Into An Authority Figure
Utilize LinkedIn To Grow Vast Business Connections
Customize LinkedIn Messaging To Expand Network
Optimize Instagram Photos To Increase Viewership
Hold Instagram Contests To Gain Fame And Exposure
Use Pinterest To Get Targeted Traffic And Customers
Gain More Views With Pinterest Rich Pin
And 18 More…

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus

Bonus #5: Editing Video for Free & Web Video Production for Non-Professionals Bundle ($194 value)

Web Video Production for The Rest of Us and Learn How to Edit Videos for Free
Web Video Production For Non-Professional Topics:
[1] The Equipment And Hardware You’ll Need
[2] How To “Improvise” – Video Production Without Hardware
[3] Software – Specialist Programs That Are Worth The Money
[4] Planning And Pre-Production – Key To Smooth Studio Time
[5] Your Type Of Video – Creative Choices, Physical Limits, Etc.
[6] Storyboarding – What The Video Will Look Like
[7] Creating A Script – Train Your Ear To Listen & Talk, Not Read & Write
[8] Filming & Production – “Inside” Secrets For Getting It Right
[9] How To Read Professionally From A Script
[10] Some Tips For Using A Camera – Not Just “Point & Shoot”
[11] Creating Your Set – Inside The Frame Is What Matters
[12] Editing – Final Product Is What People See… Nothing Else
[13] Using Editing Software – Step-By-Step Guides & Shortcuts
[14] Openers, Music, Logos, Titles And Lower Thirds.

Editing Video For Free:
[1] Introducing The Free YouTube Editor
[2] Adjust The Length Of Your Video
[3] Add A Watermark To Your Video
[4] Inserting An Image Into Your Video
[5] Inserting Audio And Music Into Your Video
[6] How To Do Professional Transitions
[7] Secrets To A Successful Title Page
[8] Publishing Your Freely Edited Video

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus

Bonus #6: 100 Royalty Free Music Tracks ($1,800 value)

For A Limited Time, We’re Including 100 Royalty Free Music Tracks
High-Quality Royalty Free Music Tracks like these cost anywhere between $18 – $28 on Audio Jungle.

We’re including this bonus 100 Royalty Free Music Tracks bundle to our early bird purchasers at no additional cost

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus

Bonus #7: Designer / Developer Rights ($997 value)

For The First Time – We’re Including Designer / Developer Rights At No Additional Cost 
Now you can use any of our 4K and HD Royalty Free Stock Videos in your client’s projects and clients videos. Including commercial projects.

You’re welcome to charge clients whatever price you like to include Lifetime Stock Videos in their projects. (Please see all rights explained in the FAQ below.)

We’re including bonus Designer / Developer Rights to our early bird purchasers at no additional cost.

Lifetime Stock Video Bonus

You also get bonuses from my site









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