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Vidizi Review – How To Create Quality Advertising Video?

Vidizi Overview
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Vidizi is a push button video software that lets anyone regardless of tech skills or experience creates highly engaging and high converting videos for their social media and advertising in a matter of minutes.
Create high quality video fast
Easy for user
100% web based
Many resources for you choose
Must have Internet to use

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Vidizi Review – Create High Quality Adverting Video & Social Media


Marketers have been using several ways to adverting their products on many social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram,… But, the huge problem is they may not work very well.

Advertising video seems to be one of the most effective way has been use as a marketing method for long time ago. It’s beautiful, brand now, very attractive to the customers, but also a big deal to make high quality. Luckily, In my Vidizi Review, I will introduce you an amazing software and ready to blow your mind.

Vidizi is video creator tool that will help marketers regardless of tech skills or experience to create highly video in just few minutes. Let’s find out what inside in this Vidizi. Enough talk, let’s get into it!

I. Vidizi Overview

  1. Sale Page:
  2. Product Name: Vidizi
  3. Product Type: Advertising Video Software
  4. Vendor: Jimmy Kim
  5. Front End Price: $47-$67
  6. Bonus: 2 Bonus Packages From My Site
  7. Skill Level Need: No Need Any Tech-Skill
  8. Support: High
  9. Launch Date: July, 5th 2017

II. About The Creator Of Vidizi

Vidizi is created by Jimmy Kim. Jimmy and his co-founder have put lots of efforts and time to make this product. Jimmy Kim is also one of the most vendor has high level trust of all affiliate marketers. He has launched many product very success such as Review Trust, Member Lab, Push Connect Notify 2017,… They are all quality product and contributes a lot in making his reputation long-lasting and well-deserved.

Let’s look the next part of Vidizi!

III. What Is Vidizi?

Vidizi Review

Before analyzing all the features of this product, I will tell you exactly what is it.

Vidizi is a push button video software that lets anyone regardless of tech skills or experience creates highly engaging and high converting videos for their social media and advertising in a matter of minutes.

Leveraging Facebook’s 15 second video recommendation, Vidizi is loaded with exclusive video and audio – that’s 100% unique and license-free, plus the ability to upload your own videos and audio as well.

It also features a very customizable experience with tex, colors, and looks. Check out the demo below!

IV. Special Features Of Vidizi

Now we can understand how Vidizi can do to our business. Let’s have a closer look at those wonder features!

  • Front End $47-$67 Vidizi Personal Or Commercial

Includes access to the app PLUS access to 100 Marketing ready videos and ability to upload your own video and sound! PLUS full customization of your marketing videos.

  • OTO-1 $98 Vidizi Pro Video Club

Instantly Get 400 Exclusive Custom Marketing Videos!
Bonus: 100 Royality Free Music Pack!

  • OTO-2 $97 Facebook Marketing Mastery

Teaches you step by step how we turned $2,300 ad spend to $52,000 in sales!

So in short, Vidizi video app features are the following:

  • Cloud based
  • Youtube video upload
  • Free Stock Images
  • Free Stock marketing videos (made by video marketing professionals)
  • Free Royalty Music
  • Fully customizable platform
  • Text On Video
  • Slide Graphic show with tex
  • All tools such opacity and colors

V. Why You Should Buy Vidizi?

We all know the features of advertising will be focused in video, many successful brand or marketers, they are getting so much conversions from videos. (such 15 seconds Youtube Ads that maybe you think they don’t work because you always waiting for the skip button to appear, but this companies have different data and are banking! COCA-COLA, Pepsi,…).

You can create video easily with Vidizi!!!

This tool is 100% web based, so you don’t have to install anything, just remember your account and you can use it everywhere in the world. Oh I almost forgot, you must have a computer haha.

It is super super easy to use, you can use it like a profesional of video creator. This app has included a ton of free stock images and free royalty music,…! Sound great, right?

Vidizi makes video creation so fast, and high quality so you can save much time. You will have more time at the beach or spend more time with your kids,…

VI. Who Should Use Vidizi?

So far you are getting the idea on this Vidizi Review. But would it worth for you?

You Will Love:

  • You want to save time when doing video creation
  • You can’t be bothered do a lot of research for videos, music or picture
  • You want to increase your sale through advertising video
  • You never do the video creation before
  • You are not professor of computer

You Will Hate:

  • You can’t access to the Internet
  • You don’t want more engagement in your ads
  • You hate video
  • You want to make really professional video technique like film.

So, do you love this app?

Honestly, This is an app that you should have. If you want more features of Vidizi, I will suggest you Vidizi Pro or Facebook Marketing Mastery version to make profesional videos.

VII. Vidizi Review – Conclusion 

Vidizi is going to live on July, 5th 2017 at the front end price $47-$67. You can invest it without risk. This software includes 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. If you are not satisfied with it, you can take your money back by just contact their support.

This is the end of my Vidizi Review. Hope you can make the best decision for this product. Thank for visiting my blog. See you next time!!!



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