The Reasons Why you will Fail As Affiliate Marketer In 2017

The Reasons Why you will Fail As Affiliate Marketer In 2017

We are on the ecuador of the year and we have seen many developments in niche marketing as we saw in 2016.

Again Google algorithm is hitting to many sites and there are much more changes coming for sure. Content still be the king and we are seeing that even the SEO techniques are changing.

These are exactly why niche marketers are so busy and guessing throughout the year.

Being on the half of the year you can already seek posts by different niche bloggers on the lessons they learned in 2016 + the last 6 months and how they plan to succeed in the rest of the year.

Things are changing, moving and evolving very quickly (as always), but one thing that will remain the same, however, is YOUR fate as a affiliate marketer.

Yes, and for sure we will continue failing for the rest of the year as well.

How do I know? Here you have 7 reasons Why you will Fail As Affiliate Marketer In 2017….

1. You Depend on Organic Traffic from Google

Since 2010 when the first Google Panda update appeared, Google has been doing a lot of changes to the search engine algorithms. This has made SERPS the least reliable source of traffic, every month can be different.

You never if the next month the algorithm will change and it will ruins all your hard work.

As you might know, most of the backlinks, created with the normal keyword anchor texts before Panda, backfired and destroyed the rankings of thousands of websites around the world.

The websites, full of keyword articles written for Google, are now the worst thing ever on the eyes of Google.

In resume, almost everything, that was considered good for SEO, it become bad.

And the worst part is that you still depend on search engine traffic and have not developed any better alternate traffic sources.

You are for sure (me as well) still investing in SEO and backlinks, and maybe all of your content is based around keywords only.

It doesn’t work anymore, but you are not listening.

Your Google Analytics should be full of varied range of traffic sources. Then if your Google organic traffic stops one day up due to an algorithm update or loss of rankings, you’re will be in business anyway.

2. You are loosing the conection with your readers

In my opinion, the most important thing in niche marketing, is building a community of loyal followers and readers who trust your advice and trust you as an expert.

You cannot just publish random affiliate links and expect complete strangers to buy from you. You must build trust and establish yourself as an authority on your chosen niche.

This needs regular engagement with your readers through high quality and actionable articles or videos that address different important problems of your niche in extreme detail and good information.

Also is important to stick to a fixed schedule and publish regularly. If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to build the momentum needed for creating a community.

3. You are Ignoring Your Mailing List

Throughout 2017, you published a lot of new content that generated thousands of visitors to your niche website.

But for sure you only have a few that subscribed to your mailing list. Why?

Fore sure, you have no any additional effort to make your opt-in box more exciting to the visitors.

You think that placing it in the sidebar of your wordpress, with the title “Get Email Updates”, is enough to seduce your readers and get their email address?  As I mention many times on my affiliate marketing book, Money is in the list, and for sure you’ve already heard this a million times.

Now It’s time to take action!

Design a list magnet, place your opt-in box on the top of your site and at the end of every blog post or create a pop up (in my case I usually have a pop up). Do everything in order to get more subscribers.

You can offer a free ebook in order to get access to your readers email.

Ignoring your mailing list is one of the first reasons behind your failure as a niche / affiliate marketer and this is why 2017 will be no different for you.

4. You Need to Look for Long Term Business Goals rather than Short Term


You’ve never think niche marketing as a business and this is why you’ve never created a long term strategy.

For sure you have been publishing random affiliate reviews and promoting any kind of products that offer lucrative commissions. Probably you are throwing any kind of old backlinks at your site just to rank fast without considering the long term implications.

At the end, what you are doing is promoting some landing pages with backlinks or advertising. This is not a business and your readers will not trust you. You must have some money but in the future will not be enought.


The two most important requirements for successful affiliate marketing in 2017 and 2018.

5. Don’t Meditate Like a Marketer

You think like a marketer. Please start doing like one as well. Working as a marketer for more than 10 years around the world, I learnt that marketers need to connect with their customers, listen to their problems, anticipating to their needs and then offer solutions.

Markerters use the strategy is based on problem solving and building trust.

What you are doing right now It’s just an opportunistic strategy, you are looking for making money at any cost.

You have no long term strategy because you just jump on any affiliate niche and start promoting the products in order to make money. This will give you money now, but in the future will not work.

The money will come later, resolve your readers issues now.

6. You Think Passive Income Doesn’t need to Work Hard

Many of the new bloggers on the internet think that make a lot of money doing affiliate marketing is an easy thing and it doesn’t require to much effort.

This mentality is changing thanks to successful marketers that are dominstrating how success is practically impossible without hard work.

Are you still bealiving on the old myth? You believe hard work is not important for making a lot of money. That’s not going to happen.

The only secret to success in affiliate and niche marketing is hard work.

Passive income will come only  AFTER hard work.

The money will come from automated sales funnel that run passively and in order to get it, you need to build sustainable traffic sources away from just Google.

7. You Don’t Trust in Branding

The concept behind branding is to generate a business that offers opportunities or services with reliable quality, customer service, value and user experience.

In my opinion, it has become really important for niche marketers.

There are thousands and thousands of people trying to succed at niche and affiliate marketing. But to identify the winners, you just need to take a look at the most successful niche marketers and you’ll see that the main reason why they succed is because they have a strong brand image.

They’re considered gurus in their niche and their followers belive on them.This means that they can get a lot of people buying their recommended products or services.

But since you are doing the short term business approach, you have done nothing to strengthen your brand.

The big gurus in your niche don’t even know you are on the market and even if they did they know you, they wouldn’t link to your site.

This is what you have:

  • A standard blog
  • Twitter account with no activity
  • Facebook page has no connection with your main website
  • No LinkedIn page

In resume, your brand image is not credible. Your site looks like a spammy, low quality affiliate site that even your own mother wouldn’t believe.


Niche marketing and Affiliate Marketing has evolved dramatically over the last years. It still lucrative and offers unbelievably opportunities to make a lot of money.

But only for those ninjas who’re willing to give it the respect it deserves.

If you ignored everything till now, 2017 and 2018 will be the time to focus on creating your strong brand in your niche and also generate relevant content.

Don’t make the same mistakes as 2016 and the last years. Otherwise the rest of 2017 and 2018 will be another failure and disappointment for you. And you will miss the opportunity to make a lot of money.


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